Responsible Leadership, Responsive Representation


Dawn Kuhn

Ward III, City of Shawnee, KS

City Council


                    Citizens For Dawn Kuhn                                                                                                                 Treasurer Tara Eberline

Talk is Cheap

Let the Facts

Speak for Themselves

In 2006 I voted to publish meeting agendas days earlier to give the public more notice to items on the agenda.  When I joined the Council, only written public meeting minutes were available from City Hall.  In 2010 after a vote I championed you can now download summary minutes, listen live to all meetings on the internet as they happen, and download a full audio file of all meetings.  Use of these new options by the public has resulted in a 200% increase of public downloads/viewings.

That’s Open Government.That’s Accountability.

Solid fiscal stewardship and open government have been the cornerstone of my service as your Councilmember

In July, Moody’s affirmed Shawnee’s fiscal responsibility by upgrading the City’s credit to Aa1, one of the highest of any municipality in the nation, and the City’s 2nd upgrade during my service on the Council.